Dental hygiene

ByIsaura Gervy

Dental hygiene

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Hi, my name is Isaura Gervy.
I have a 14 years old poodle dog her name is Lulu she is your patient at the clinic.
My question is to know if is possible she can get a procedure of tartar removal because is really bad, I’ve been hesitate because I have heard a lot about the elderly dogs and the dangerous of going under anesthesia.
Please I need your advice on the matter. I’m interesting on doing it as soon as possible if you are available.
I appreciate it if you can contact me this afternoon to talk about it, my phone number is 739417554
Unfortunately I don’t speak Czech I apologize for that.
Have a good day!
Happy holidays,
Isaura Gervy

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Ondrej Rychlik Personál zodpovězeno před 2 roky

Dear Isaura,
age of animal in itself is not a limiting factor for anaesthesia, but of course, as age increases, so do the risks. This is mainly due to the fact that with increasing age, morbidity in general increases, especially hidden morbidity. The risk can be eliminated as much as possible by the extent of the preoperative ( pre-anesthetic) examination. We are able to perform most of the examinations at the clinic in Prague, but some, such as special cardiological examination, only at the our hospital in Český Brod. It is also safer to perform the procedure itself in the our hospital, where we have external controlled breathing, etc. However, the condition of the teeth must first be evaluated by a veterinary dentist. I suggest that you and your patient visit our clinic on the afternoon of January 17th, when Dr. Fecková will have service. She specializes in dog teeth and she is able to investigate it. She will examine the patient and discuss with you the specific course of action.
Best regards
Ondřej Rychlík